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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Movies Style Pictures

Everything We Know About Fashion We Learned From the Mary-Kate and Ashley Movies

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Movies Style Pictures
Image Source: Getty / Rafy

There is one undeniable similarity that all fashion girls share: we are all die-hard Mary-Kate and Ashley fans. Not only are they the CFDA award-winning designers behind The Row and Elizabeth and James, they're also street style savants who totally gave rise to the grungy-cool look we've all tried to emulate. But the truth is, we've been seeking inspiration from Mary-Kate and Ashley for quite a long time. We watched the duo's every film, from To Grandmother's House We Go to New York Minute, and we grew up stealing their style secrets from the screen.

Whether you begged your mom to buy you a printed bandanna because Maddie Parker totally rocked one in Our Lips Are Sealed or you collected butterfly clips to wear with your velvet spaghetti-strap cocktail dresses thanks to Passport to Paris, Mary-Kate and Ashley have been steadfast fashion icons since you were watching them on VHS.

Read on for 50 times you wanted to look like both Mary-Kate and Ashley all at once, even when they were both wearing totally disparate looks. They weren't kidding when they said, "it takes two."

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