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Most Outrageous Sneakers Spring 2017

We Found the Most Outrageous Sneakers on the Internet

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When I first laid eyes on Margiela's Future Destroyed High-Tops, I immediately murmured, "What the . . . ?!" I mean, these sneakers look like they've been through the garbage disposal once or, I don't know, 12 times. They've been pulled apart, poked and prodded at, and the leather has been shaved away. But don't worry, because these guys have been resecured with plenty o' staples. Do you know what else has been slapped onto these shoes? A whopping $1,425 price tag. NBD.

But here's the thing: just as the current Met Gala exhibit — which focuses on Rei Kawakubo's extremely avant-garde pieces pieces for Comme des Garcons — has spotlighted the topic of fashion as art, some might consider these shoes a prized possession based on their intricacies alone. After all, Belgian designer Maison Margiela has been known to challenge the definition of typical silhouettes and produce apparel that's not so much "ridiculous" as it is absurdly striking, and even impressive.

Inspired by my bafflement over these sneakers, my research led to other pairs that can be similarly appreciated for their outrageous details, and yes, more often than not, the shocking sticker price. Once you scroll through, I'm sure you'll agree with me that a wild imagination obviously calls for quite a lot of materials and a pretty hefty budget.

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