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Small Sunglasses Trend

Love It or Hate It, There's No Denying That Tiny '90s Sunglasses Are Back

The scrunchie had a moment. People were losing their minds over Lisa Frank products. Snoop Dogg and TLC dropped a single last year. And now, celebrities have been spotted wearing small-framed oval sunglasses while out and about in their furry coats and hoodie sweatshirts. No, it's not 1998, but millennial influencers are definitely dressing like it is.

The street style at Coachella last year officially confirmed the resurgence of itty-bitty '90s sunglasses when celebrities and influencers alike rocked the small frames for the fashion-forward festival. From Kylie Jenner and her BFF Jordyn Woods to Victoria's Secret model Taylor Hill, young fashionistas are ditching the massive frames that used to overrun the festival circuit and are opting for smaller glasses that look straight out of a Delia's catalog.

Read on for pictures of the new (old?) trend, then start digging through those old boxes of vintage Limited Too accessories to find yours.

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