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Succulent Jewelry Etsy Shop

NBD — This Jewelry Just Grows While You Wear It

Ever have an outfit so special that simply accessorizing with your regular old jewels isn't enough? Sure, diamonds would be nice, but we aren't all red carpet stars with the Harry Winston team on speed dial. That's where Susan McLeary, an Etsy seller from Ann Arbor, MI, comes in. McLeary stocks a shop full of succulent jewels, from headpieces to rings, cuffs, and statement necklaces, all of which cater to the ultimate boho bride.

If you've got any sort of occasion coming up, you can enlist her store, Passion Flower, to handmake wreath-like adornments to complete your ethereal look. The plants will stay bright and lively for up to four weeks, and yes, they grow as you wear them. If flashing one of these pieces isn't the freshest, most unique style statement you ever make, we can't wait to see what is. Read on to get inspired, then shop for your favorite adornment.

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