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USA Olympics Opening Ceremony Outfits 2018

The USA Opening Ceremony Gloves Seem to Be "on the Fringe" of Cool, If You Know What We Mean

While the Nike gear the USA team will be wearing at the 2018 Winter Olympics is slick and sporty, the opening ceremony costumes fall into a different category. With the help of some humorous Twitter users, you might be able to decide for yourself just what category that is. But first you need to know a few details. The ensembles the team will wear for the parade are by Polo Ralph Lauren and feature a "streamlined heating component, seamlessly integrating fashion and the latest in apparel innovation."

The red, white, and blue puffers do look cozy and functional, and they even match those adorable knit beanies! The work boots are right on trend, as far as we're concerned. But the suede, fringed gloves, well, those are making some people giggle. They've been compared to the pair Jim Carrey wears in Dumb and Dumber and one old Western black-and-white photo that will pretty much induce a fit of laughter immediately after you see it. Ahead, get a close-up view, read some reactions, then let us know what you think about the fringe. Frankly, we're just worried that somebody's tassels will get caught in the flames.

Image Source: Ralph Lauren

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The Team USA Opening Ceremony Uniform

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