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Versatile Work Clothes

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Source: Kohl's

Take the work out of dressing. We've partnered with Kohl's to bring you the exclusive Apt. 9 collection of foundational pieces you can rely on in the office and outside of it.

If you and your partner are a working, cohabitating couple, that early morning tango is probably a familiar dance to you. There's the race to beat the other to the shower, the closet shuffle, the kitchen sidestep as you both rummage for fuel, and the final hustle to make it out the front door in one well-put-together piece. Luckily, there's one thing that can make your weekday mornings a little less hectic for both of you: an edited work wardrobe.

By leaning on foundational staples that can easily mix and match with one another, daily dressing doesn't need to be a struggle. Click through to see the no-fail office pieces you and your significant other can rely on to make mornings (almost) a total breeze.

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