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Ways to Style a Black Dress

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Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Jen Kay

Being creative with your wardrobe is all about having fun. We partnered with Nordstrom to show you how to wear one black dress to five different events.

I live in San Francisco now. While the idea of throwing everything from the closet into a massive Rimowa suitcase may excite some people, it is a huge turnoff for me. I want to pack as few things as possible. I want to carry on my luggage, stow it above me, and talk to no one on the plane.

With New York Fashion Week twinkling in the distance, I knew that I'd have to get really creative with my packing if I wanted to avoid having to check a bag. Between attending fashion shows, catching up with industry people, and brand-hosted dinners, it's important to get the outfits right.

Up ahead, find out how I was able to make the same dress work for five very different occasions.