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What Accessories Should I Pack For Coachella?

15 Festival-Approved Accessories You Won't Want to Leave Behind

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Getting ready to go to Coachella can quickly cause a mini meltdown. Not because you're worried about canceled flights, lost wristbands, or having a bad time, but because the dress code just seems so . . . specific. You'd feel out of place in everyday clothing like a button-up and jeans, and you'll definitely be leaving that floral midi skirt tucked safely in your drawer at home. And then, once you've figured out your basics — cutoffs, crop tops, bikinis, and so on — you'll realize there's something else to add to your list: acessories.

It's these little pieces that'll pull your look together, even making it possible to rewear certain staples. (A solid t-shirt can find a whole new life based on the extras you rock with it.) But what's "in," and what should you leave behind? Find 15 can't-be-without pieces to pack, making your time in the desert a very fashion-forward one.

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