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What to Wear on Vacation

23 Snaps That Serve Up Ultimate Outfit Inspiration For Your Next Vacation

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If you're counting down the days until you jet off to an island and can't wait to whip out that suitcase, we've rounded up the most gorgeous — and smartest! — outfit inspiration from our favorite fashion influencers, saving you any trouble you might encounter when packing.

As for those shrugging off the thought of a luxurious vacation? Don't turn away just yet. You might not have a getaway in the works, but that doesn't mean a few of these stylish shots won't help you pack your bag the next time you do. Plus, who doesn't love to take a virtual trip through colorful, culture-filled snaps?

Whether you're more of a beach gal or a bohemian queen who loves the heat of the desert, there's a location here that'll totally charm you and speak to your fashion-loving soul. Read on for several different locales that invite you to transform your look or at least try out a new silhouette, even if it's just on the streets of your hometown.

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