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When Do the Pink Nike Air Max 97 Sneakers Go on Sale?

Make No Mistake — These Pink Nike Sneakers Will Sell Out Immediately

As part of its upcoming collection of several Air Max 97 sneakers, Nike is releasing a pink variation that is already going viral. The futuristic style has generally become more popular as of late. However, the pink sneaker — with faux snakeskin detailing! — is especially taking off on Instagram and shoe-centric blogs.

The pink Air Max 97 OG Premium shoe closely resembles the millennial pink shade used throughout Nike's Chrome Blush Collection, although the brand isn't calling it that. It features visible cushioning, mesh elements, and an iconic design that resembles a calm wave of water.

As the name suggests, the Air Max 97 sneakers were first released in 1997. In addition to this new pink option, Nike is releasing over a dozen new colors in celebration of the sneaker's 20th anniversary. The entire collection will be fully available by Aug. 17, but this coveted sneaker will be available in stores and online slightly earlier on Aug. 4. Other third-party retailers have already begun counting down until its release.

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