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Who Is Cassi Van Den Dungen?

How This Fashion Model Is Causing Major Controversy With Just 1 Photo

If you're a model or blogger, the number of "likes" you receive on an Instagram photo can define your overall influence as a trendsetter. So when a former Australia's Next Top Model contestant, Cassi Van Den Dungen, only had 14 "likes" on a photo that said "Say yes to new adventures," the model did not take that too well. At all.

She reposted a screenshot of the image and lashed out at her followers, saying she was shocked and added, "I have to say to those people who didn't like my post and don't like having fun is ......YOU ALL SUCK!!!!! Adventures are fun and I'll enjoy every one I have."

It appears that Cassi soon regretted her choice of words because she released a follow-up statement on Facebook, clarifying that it was all a humorous joke. "The truth is I don't care about social media at all or anyones opinions," she wrote. She even added it was "fun watching the reactions of people," suggesting her response wasn't serious at all.


Her words, however, struck a chord in the fashion industry. Designer Alex Perry, who had cast her in a show, revealed he regretted featuring the model. "It's not an image I think is good to put forward," he later said.

Although it's unclear if the photo was a joke or not, Cassi definitely caused a stir. This controversy comes on the heels of another incident where blogger Essena O'Neill took to her own Instagram account to express her heated opinions on the pressure to perform on social media in the fashion industry.

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