Alexa Chung Has Worked Out How to Dress For Cooler Weather; Let's All Take Note

As the pumpkin memes pour across your socials by those with taste buds destined for spiced frappés, the rest of us warm-weather worshippers are likely letting out a ceremonious groan. You just sussed out your Spring wardrobe transitioning into Summer. It was nailed. And now you're back consulting your Pinterest app mumbling, "WTF do I wear today?" Let Alexa Chung make that call.

Other celebrities seem to withstand great temperatures by continuing to dress for Summer into the depths of November, but not Alexa. Like you and me, her body is yet to be fame numbed and by the looks of her limitless coat closet is actually designed to feel changing temperatures. At last, someone in the public eye we can mimic the wardrobe of into Winter! It doesn't mean ditching your warmer-weather wardrobe, either. Alexa is rarely without tights under pretty tea dresses and thick tailored jackets. Jeans paired with fur coats and ankle boots make for another chic, goosebump-free Alexa formula. She also remembers to pack a sweater, hurling one over her shoulders or belting one around her waist, leading us onto another pro Alexa tip: she does not fear a foot-warming flat. Heels may elevate your heavy ensemble, but cold feet is practically a death sentence that'll have you fighting flu and bingeing chicken soup for weeks to come.

Growing up, my mother's wish before leaving the house was always that I "keep my kidneys warm" by tucking a sweater into my tights. So long as I take inspiration from Alexa's wardrobe, I don't think my mother will have to worry.