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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Defends Harry Styles's Vogue Cover

AOC Voices Her Opinion on Harry Styles's Vogue Cover and Said He "Looks Bomb" in a Dress

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Defends Harry Styles's Vogue Cover
Image Source: Getty / Win McNamee

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has spoken out in defense of Harry Styles as he received backlash from the alt-right over his cover story with Vogue, in which he wears a dress and a skirt. We're not surprised that AOC spoke out, especially since her own magazine cover with Vanity Fair also drew criticism. ICYMI: critics were upset that AOC wore an expensive suit on the cover of the magazine to which she promptly explained that, as most clothes are in photo shoots, the suit was loaned from the designer.

On Saturday, the congresswoman answered questions from her followers on her Instagram Stories, when Harry's gender stereotype-smashing cover story came up. "The masculine and feminine elements are balanced beautifully. The hair and jacket styling give me James Dean vibes too," Alexandria shared on her Instagram Stories. "Some people are mad at it [because] some folks are very sensitive to examining and exploring gender roles in society. Perhaps for some people it provokes some anger or insecurity around masculinity/femininity/etc. If it does, then maybe that's part of the point. Sit with that reaction and think about it, examine it, explore it, engage it and grow with it. What's the point of creating things if they don't make people think? Or feel or reflect? Especially as an artist or creative? Who wants to see the same things all the time? And never explore their assumptions? Anyway, it looks bomb," she revealed. We agree, AOC.

Keep reading to take a look back at Harry's iconic Vogue cover shoot ahead.

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