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Celebrities in Argent x Supermajority Pink Suit on Instagram

There's an Important Message Behind the Fabulous Pink Suit You've Been Seeing All Over Instagram

It's hard to miss the hot pink suit popping up on celebrities like Kerry Washington and Amy Schumer all over your Instagram feed. The bold blazer and trousers are part of Argent x Supermajority's Election collection, which celebrates the power of the women's vote with its four-piece lineup ($15-$250), featuring the pink power suit, pin pack, and Supermajority T-shirt. Ten percent of the proceeds from any piece in the collection goes to support Supermajority's mission to "build a powerful, diverse, women-led future where we are truly equal."

Clearly, it's the pink suit that's garnered the most attention, and celebrity fans have taken to their Instagram accounts not just to show off the look, but to share messages, empowering the women who follow them to cast their ballots and make sure their voices are heard in this election. We're partial to Kerry Washington's post, which included a nod to Olivia Pope, saying: "Gladiator in a (pink) suit 💗."

What makes this collection so special is the important tie between the clothes and what they represent. Like the white suit, a symbol of feminism tied to the white worn during the Suffragettes movement, and notably worn by Hillary Clinton at the DNC in 2016 and by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as she was sworn into Congress, this fuchsia suit is also becoming its own call for female solidarity. On its website, Argent invites women to "[w]ear it. Share it. During the debate(s). While you make calls and send texts to voters. While you vote. On election night."

Here, see the famous women who've worn it so far, and get on the waitlist for your own if you're feeling inspired.

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