These Are the Best Sunglasses For Your Face, If Tiny Frames Just Aren't Your Thing

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While I would argue that sunglasses are a 365-days-a-year essential (after all, the sun doesn't just disappear when bikini season, ends!), it's a particular must-have come Summer. But with so many frames to choose from, how's a girl to know which one is perfect for her? In fact, there isa best frame shape for every face. Just like you wouldn't buy a pair of too-tight pants or dress that's so large you're swimming in it, it's important to keep your particular shape and silhouette into account when shopping for sunglasses.

So, as we jump head-first into the Summer season, dreaming of all the ways we're ready to update our wardrobes, there's nothing quite as easy as a pair of new sunglasses to amp up that seasonal look. Ahead, find the best sunglasses for every face shape — and some favorites I'm currently shopping for days of fun in the sun.

Heart Faces: Heart Shapes and Aviators

With a heart-shaped face, it's important to mimic the lines of your features with your sunglasses of choice. Whether that means reaching for actual heart-shaped frames (à la Busy Phillips) or more of a classic aviator, go for frames that narrow at the base of the shade.

Oval Faces: Anything Goes

Since an oval face-shape sits comfortably between an angular square and softer circle, anything goes when it comes to sunglass shape. With all the fun and whimsical shades on the market lately, though, might we suggest using this as an opportunity to pull out all the stops with the craziest head-turners out there?

Round Faces: Angular Frames

Square Faces: Round Frames

Much like a rounder silhouette, with a more square face, balance out your angles with a softer shaped frame. Opt for ovals or circular sunglasses to shield those eyes from the sun. It's the perfect opportunity to channel that inner '70s fashionista, come summer.