BIA's Red Carpet "Camouflage" Has Me Hypnotized — See Her Zebra-Print Trench Coat Here

If my pastel wardrobe suddenly gets replaced by a sea of stripes in black and white, I'll have BIA to thank for her zebra "camouflage" on the red carpet at the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards. The rapper took the stage on Tuesday in an embellished silver corset during a performance of "Whole Lotta Money" before Lil Jon joined her on stage to sing "Bia' Bia'." But all the glitz and glam of her stage look did nothing to erase her zebra-print Bottega Veneta trench coat from our memories.

The $3,900 coat featured a monochromatic belt with a triangular buckle and a hypnotic wrap-around pattern that would make it easy to get lost in a sea of black and white. But BIA's outfit popped, and her giant layered "BIA" necklace and silver French-tip nails only made the look even more eye-catching. From front to back, the coat, layered over a black bodysuit, is mesmerizing, but we might be even more obsessed with her matching square-toed, over-the-knee boots. Between the boots and coat, BIA might have us hooked on animal print all over again. Check out her outfit from all angles ahead.