Billie Eilish Just Took Me Back to the Days of the Ultra-Rip Jean, and Somehow I Feel More Whole

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Leave it to Billie Eilish to rock whatever the heck she wants in the name of fashion trends, whenever the heck she wants to. The singer shared some snapshots from what appears to be a photo shoot (mask on!) from a new project that she's working on. Naturally, Billie had on some fresh kicks — the B23 Dior high-tops in red, to be more specific, which retail for a whopping $1,150 — and the shredded jeans in question: a flared denim style from Rowan Clothing. These "Stacked" flares, as they're called, instantly reminded me of the dark-wash True Religion jeans I used to wear on repeat in 2004.

When I say "on repeat," I do mean that my mom was never able to get her hands on them to wash them or, as she was more likely hoping to, dispose of them. Why? For these were the jeans that prompted my uncle to ask, every Christmas without fail, whether or not "my mom paid extra for all those holes." And do you want to know what? She did. She did pay extra for the holes, and so did Billie, because this is a designer trend that we all really, really loved in the early aughts.

Now, Billie's $1,000 pair are making me question whether or not I, too, will purchase denim in 2021 with rips not just at the knee, but all up and down the thighs and extending toward the ankles. I feel like I've blessed my relatives with more than enough years of normal jeans, so maybe they can handle the edge again. Ahead, check out my inspiration, courtesy of Billie, styled with an oversize red cardigan and a graphic tee, and then shop some pairs I found that are just the ticket to take me back in time.