Billy Porter Has Us Instagramming Our Most Stylish Face Masks With This New Challenge

Billy Porter has certainly been spending his time in lockdown dreaming up fun Instagram challenges for his followers to partake in. They re-created his famous Met Gala look, they completed his Quarantine Fashion Challenge, showing off their confident struts, and now, Billy's reminding us that safety comes first.

"The show must go on but we must protect ourselves darlings. As we adjust to the new protocols I'm wondering how y'all are staying safe while living your best life. Post your best mask photos with the hashtag #PoseForBilly and I will be reposting a few photos on my stories. Leave a comment below and let me know you were here. I'm looking forward to seeing y'all WERK IT!!!! The category is.... Safety First!" he wrote underneath his own selfie, being careful to sign off with the most crucial message of them all: "DON'T FORGET TO #VOTE."

But based on the Pose star's own look — a lime-green mask with thick-rimmed black glasses and a shield — we're not sure he expected how colorful and spirited his fans were about to get with their #OOTDs. So many people, including healthcare workers, posted their masks with impactful slogans, and many gave us peeks at their full outfits. Billy is celebrating the examples he loves on his Instagram Story, as promised, but we rounded up a few of our favorites for you here. Scroll down to check them out, and be sure to follow the brilliant hashtag and share it with your family and friends.