All Hail the Princess of Pop: Britney Spears's 15 Most Memorable Outfits Ever

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Getty | Jeffrey Mayer

Dear Beyoncé lovers: Don't call the Beygency, but we'd like to argue that Britney Spears was the original chart-topping queen. Yes, launching a solo career, dropping a secret album, and being all-around fierce has transformed Beyoncé into this generation's most-followed musical icon—but remember, Britney was there first. (Sure, Madonna was technically there even earlier, but to '90s kids, Britney was the end-all-be-all princess of pop music.)

Think about it: Before Beyoncé and Jay Z, there was Britney and JT. Spears danced with a python, starred in a movie and has reigned supreme as the best-selling teenage artist of all time for over a decade. Simply put—when it comes to pop, Britney has no equal.

And today, her majesty Britney Spears turns 33! In honor of her birthday—and an impressive musical career that's now spanned a decade and a half!—click through this Lucky slideshow to revisit Spears' 15 most memorable outfits of all time.

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