Chlöe and Halle Bailey on Their VS Pink Collab and Upcoming Third Album

Victoria's Secret PINK
Victoria's Secret PINK
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When you think of Chlöe and Halle Bailey, you likely immediately think: unstoppable sister duo who have dominated everything from concert stages to the silver screen. As five-time Grammy-nominated singers, dancers, and actresses, the sisters aren't just any old sister act, having made a name for themselves together and individually, as multi-hyphenate creatives who continue to rise.

Older sister Chlöe just kicked off the second leg of her "In Pieces" Tour for her debut solo album after an uber-successful first leg earlier this year. Meanwhile, Halle recently dropped her first solo single, "Angel," just a few months after making a big blockbuster splash as Ariel in Disney's live-action hit "The Little Mermaid."

And when the two aren't busy touring, on set, or dancing away at Beyoncé's "Renaissance" Tour (in fabulous 'fits no less), the sisters tell POPSUGAR that they like to take the time to simply enjoy their lives and each other — and they do so in the coolest of fashions.

Enter Victoria's Secret Pink, which has partnered with Chlöe and Halle for a limited-edition codesigned collection exuding the stylistic essence of the star sister duo. The new offering centers around laser-cut mesh activewear sets, alluring yet effortless dresses, pretty puffer coats, and cool cargo pants that can go from the beach to the streets — all made out of dynamic, breathable, movable, resistant fabrics. It's a transitional, comfortable, and chic collection of clothes reflective of their separate style personalities and favorite trends. And while the designs are distinctly their own, they embody a sisterly cohesiveness Halle calls "one and the same."

Even over the phone, the sister energy is strongly present. Not only do Chlöe and Halle lovingly support each other fully in all their individual endeavors, they also make sure to check on each other's mental health and wellness. The sisters stress the importance of mental health education and helping others who struggle, which is why the duo and Pink decided to partner with Los Angeles nonprofit BEAM, the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective, to help communities of color with mental health wellness and education.

The Pink collection isn't the only thing fans of the duo have to look forward to. Chlöe is setting out to continue her tour and Halle is preparing for the release of the musical adaption of Alice Walker's "The Color Purple" this Christmas.

Ahead, the "Do It" singers discuss collaborating on the Pink collection, their personal styles, and what to expect from their "special" third album.

Victoria's Secret PINK

POPSUGAR: Tell me about your personal history with Victoria Secret's PINK and how this collaboration came about?

Halle Bailey: We've always loved PINK. Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, we would always be like, 'Oh my God, they have such comfy, cute bras and underwear.' We had so much fun going there. And so we were so excited to collab with them for our collection, which is really all about embracing every shape of ours and just embracing who you are. It's really comfortable as well as sexy.

We put a lot of thought into these clothes based on what we do every day with rehearsals and dance rehearsals and being on sets for a long time. It's really important to make sure you're wearing something comfortable but also really cute and still looks professional at the same time. So, we were really excited and grateful to collaborate with PINK.

Victoria's Secret PINK

PS: What is it like to be a part of this new era of the VS PINK brand?

Chlöe Bailey: I think it's really exciting how we get to break the mold of what beauty standards used to be. I think one, because we get to do it together, and two, as Black sisters who have two completely different body types and shapes.

One of my favorite things as we were coming up with this collection was when we were in New York at the offices and there were two certain fit models. There was a thicker, curvier girl, and then there was the thinner girl. And we wanted to make sure that each one of these pieces not only flattered just one type, but both.

That was really important for us and especially, as young women, our bodies fluctuate and things like that. So, we wanted these to be items that you can wear when you're feeling snatched or bloated or anything like that.

Victoria's Secret PINK

PS: Your VS PINK collection is a cool collab featuring activewear, outwear, and lounge. What was it like collaborating with PINK and working each other to design these looks? What were some of your main inspirations and favorite pieces?

HB: It's a beautiful thing to be able to work with your sister. I'm the baby sister, so it's really a dream come true for me. It's cool because our styles are very different from one another but also kind of similar in the way when you put them together — when you combine them. If we go somewhere together, I think we both really enhance what each of us are wearing in our outfits. You see our different styles, but it's one and the same.

There's a lot of staples in the collaboration, like the puffer coat, that's Chlöe's thing. She loves crop puffer coats and leggings whereas my stuff is the midi and maxi dresses and the really cool kind of parachute pants. It's really cool that we get to have all of these different styles because there's two of us.

CB: My favorite piece of the collection would have to be the cargo pants, because out of everything, I've been wearing those the most. I've been on the go with tour rehearsals and on the tour bus. They're just cozy and comfy. The other night when I was at the beach, water got on my knees, but because they're a little water-resistant, I wasn't soaked. But I also really love the matching legging set with the long sleeve. And I love how it has the matching waistband around the stomach.

PS: As performers, what do you love in a performance garment — what does it have to have to make it work for you?

CB: I think what I really love specifically is the mesh top. A lot of our performance wear, it has that mesh fabric. I really love that because you can stretch, you can dance, you can do all of that and still be just as good.

Victoria's Secret PINK

PS: Halle, as one of the driving inspos for the mermaidcore trend, what trends are you looking forward to this fall?

HB: For me, fall is all about just comfort and coziness, so I think I'm just really looking forward to being wrapped up in blankets and cute jackets and faux fur and things like that.

Victoria's Secret PINK

PS: In addition to all you're both doing separately, do you guys have any upcoming plans for more music together? What can we look forward to from Chloe X Halle in the future?

CB: Oh, absolutely. I'm so proud of my sis. She just dropped an incredible song called "Angel," and I think it definitely encompasses who she is as a human being and even her ear and her vocal ability. I'm just incredibly proud of her.

I am so excited for the top of next year when we start honing in again on our third album. I know we're really excited. It's going to be so special. We've both lived a lot and we've grown a lot. And then we'll be able to put our minds together again for an even more special project. I think that, in this time, sis and I have grown great individual fan bases and it'll even help when it comes back to our duo project for people to really pay attention and have more eyes and ears on it than "Ungodly Hour" did.

Victoria's Secret PINK

PS: In honor of your collaboration, PINK has donated to LA Nonprofit BEAM: Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective. Why was it important to partner with BEAM and what do you both do personally to keep your mental health in check?

HB: I think it's so important to keep our mental health in check. And when you're a public figure, it's definitely a little bit of a more vulnerable kind of state because there's so many eyes on you at every moment. But we just keep each other close and keep our love closed and remind each other what's actually important, which is our real life and being able to do what we love. We just kind of block out the hate or naysayers or anything.

CB: In the communities that are underrepresented, I think it's so important. I'm really happy that we got to partner with them. With sis and I being in the public eye, people think because this is our job that they can just scrutinize, but just because things look great from the outside, doesn't mean it's gold. Everyone's life isn't gold. We all have to keep each other uplifted. So, I'm really happy that we partnered with BEAM and PINK for this.

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