A Baby's Not the Only Delivery Ciara Has in the Works


Every week, we bring you the best shoppable fashion and lifestyle stories from our partner Lifestyle Mirror. Today, we're sharing Declan Eytan's post about Ciara's designer ambitions.

It was all or nothing for Ciara in Milan on Sunday. The R&B sensation known for her killer dance moves and strong sense of style made a front row appearance at the Calvin Klein presentation clad in all black. Hours later, she arrived at Klein's post-show dinner party in an all-white ensemble accentuated by an oversized faux fur coat.

We spoke with the dancer-turned-musician about what she looks like when no one's watching, plus the clothing line that she is planning on launching and her one travel necessity.

Lifestyle Mirror: Let's talk about this faux fur coat of yours. How did you come up with your look?
Ciara: You know, Calvin Klein sent over so many options and this was just the piece that stood out. I'm absolutely a Calvin Klein girl. When it comes to Calvin Klein, it's really simplicity at its finest. I always believe less is more and it's just such a chic line. It's so classic.

Lifestyle Mirror: At events and on TV you're all glammed up. But what does Ciara look like when she's at home sitting on the couch?
Ciara: Ok, so hair is all over the place, I don't really care. I love wearing baggy sweatpants with a simple crop-top. And then I also believe skin is the best thing to wear at nighttime (laughs).

Lifestyle Mirror: You're always on the go. What is the one thing you can't travel without?
Ciara: I can't travel without my own blanket. And just recently my manager bought me an Hermès blanket. For years I would buy the same blanket [from Brookstone] over and over again, but now they discontinued that blanket, so I have the vintage Brookstone blanket (laughs).

Lifestyle Mirror: You're celebrated for your style. Can we expect a Ciara clothing line in the future?
Ciara: Absolutely, I have plans to, but I think it's all about timing. I want it to be something that's everlasting. So I'm waiting for the perfect time, but it's already on my list.

Lifestyle Mirror: Besides Calvin Klein, you're also a Givenchy fan. Will your line lean more towards the Givenchy or the CK side of fashion?
Ciara: It's going to be a combination of all of that, 'cause when you go from Calvin Klein to Givenchy, you get simplicity at its finest and you get edge at its finest. And for me, as a tomboy, the theme that I roll with is tomboy-chic. So I'm going to do whatever is a true reflection of me. But I definitely want it to be chic.

Lifestyle Mirror: And also affordable?
Ciara: Definitely. That's really important for me too. I want to make it for everyday-people, but with my personality. So it's going to be the Topshop kind of affordable. Or maybe H&M; Topshop's a little more expensive. But H&M, that's the world I would like to live in, in reference to the price point.

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