Cindy Crawford Reveals the Unusual Way She Picked Out Her Wedding Dress

While most brides envision themselves walking down the aisle in a long, flowing gown, Cindy Crawford is far from "most brides." For her 1998 wedding to Rande Gerber, the model broke the traditional bridal rule of wearing something floor-length in favor of a short, lace-covered dress. The Galliano look was so simple, it's become timeless, but how Cindy landed on this choice was anything but ordinary.

"I actually told a stylist friend of mine that I had to go to a black and white party, so to bring me some black dresses and some white dresses, because we didn't tell anyone we were getting married," she revealed to People magazine. "That was just one of the white dresses and it was perfect."

And, 18 years later, Cindy has no regrets over her short wedding dress. "My wedding with Rande was exactly what we wanted and I probably would do the same thing again . . . " she said. Scroll through to see some photos of her stunning choice.