11 Classy Halloween Costumes That Are Just Alluring Enough

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While there are many Halloween costumes known for being updated with skimpy, skin-revealing details, there are also plenty of ways to add a dose of modesty to an iconic look. Most of the time, all this requires is a subtle styling trick, such as adding a pair of tights, layering on some basics, or adjusting hemlines until you're comfortable.

Whether you've been inspired to pull off Marilyn Monroe's "Seven Year Itch" halter dress, thanks to all the hype surrounding Netflix's "Blonde," or you'd like to transform into another famous movie character such as Mary Poppins, you can still work your pieces into a confidence-boosting, alluring outfit that turns heads without a single provocative detail.

If you're still inspired by Beyoncé's memorable Rosie the Riveter costume after all these years (the multi-hyphenate posted an Instagram of her take back in 2014), roll up the sleeves of your denim shirt and team it with a go-to pair of jeans or shorts that lifts your bum and makes you feel good. Then, complete the ensemble with color-popping pumps if you desire extra flair or height.

And, if you want to be a "cat" woman without a completely curve-hugging leather or latex catsuit, there are plenty of ways to spin the notion on its head — perhaps opting for a stylish animal-print blouse and leggings but amping up the drama with black makeup, ears, and drawn-on whiskers.

Ahead, find 11 different ideas for pulling off your classiest Halloween costume yet.

Additional reporting by Tara Block


1920s Flapper

Get your "Great Gatsby" on with a look inspired by the rebellious flappers of the 1920s. While you can go short with the hemline on your fringed dress ($95), it's still loose enough so as not to be overly constricting or revealing — and you can wear it with tights.


Little Red Riding Hood

A little black dress topped with a red cape makes for a sultry twist on the fairy-tale heroine that's still 30-something approved. A red, textural cape ($29) can offer you more coverage, and you can also layer with tights and choose flat boots instead of heels.


Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is a simple costume to put together, and you can get away with a pretty short skirt with black tights. Make sure you decorate her signature hat ($9) and carry a Victorian-inspired brocade bag ($70).


Snow White

Disney princess Snow White gets a retro twist with this 1950s-style outfit that shows off your curves. Essentials include a blue dotted top ($60), yellow skater skirt ($21), and waist-cinching red belt.


Holly Golightly

Nix Holly Golightly's more traditional black dress for this easy combo — just an eye mask, earrings, and men's button-down shirt ($85). It's provocative without going over the top.


Carrie Bradshaw

Throw on a tutu ($17) and pink top or bodysuit ($36) to pull off the original "Sex and the City" heroine Carrie Bradshaw. You don't have to show a ton of skin to achieve her look.


Pan Am Stewardess

There's just something about those '60s-era flight attendant uniforms that pops, while still leaving most to the imagination. You can even shop a pre-owned Pan Am bag ($70, originally $99) on a secondhand site.


Rosie the Riveter

Kick Rosie the Riveter's attire up a notch with short shorts and high heels, plus the classic denim shirt ($303) and red bandana ($6). There's nothing more attractive than a hard-working woman.


"Cat" Woman

If you're not comfortable going out in a full-on leather catsuit, style leggings and a stylish leopard top ($165). You can draw on whiskers and makeup for added effect.


"The Birds"

Channel '60s blonde bombshell Tippi Hedren from the Alfred Hitchcock thriller "The Birds" with a vintage-inspired two-piece consisting of a cardigan ($50, originally $78) and pencil skirt ($70, originally $80).


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn's white halter dress ($40) from "Seven Year Itch" will always be a classic with the right pleating. Finish the look with simple sandals or pumps.