You Can Finally Raid Cher and Dionne's Closets

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Yes, we like Cher Horowitz's yellow plaid suit set from Clueless. And yes, we'd try it on if we found it hanging in the closet — knee socks and all — if only we had a digital closet like Cher's. So when we saw that there was a website that offered us the opportunity, we were totally buggin'. The scoop? lets you build your own virtual model so you can try on your clothes online, instead of in a fitting room. And now it's challenging users to re-create Cher's signature look with its new digital wardrobes.

But that led us to wonder . . . is Cher's famous golden ensemble actually our favorite from the film? What about Dionne's safety-pin miniskirt? And how about the elegant red sheath Cher puts on before Christian comes over to watch Some Like It Hot? So we did a little shopping. Because that's what we do when we're stressed. Ahead, the modern-day versions of even more classic Clueless getups. You may not be able to try them on via computer screen, but we think you'll fall totally butt crazy in love with them anyway. Source: Paramount Pictures

Dionne's safety-pin skirt is so '90s. And the splash of red between her plaid separates makes for a classic color scheme. Remember when we layered cropped sweaters over our camisoles every day? Source: Paramount Pictures

We love the memorable moment Cher and Dionne show off Tai post-makeover. And we totally want to steal her look. Source: Paramount Pictures

The recipe for attempting to charm Christian? One sideswept hairdo and a velvet red dress. Source: Paramount Pictures