Coach's Pink Leather Cardigan Is My Favorite Thing at Fashion Week Today

For the past few seasons, Coach has strayed decidedly bohemian, teaming up long maxi dresses and shearling coats. But really, the only runway staples that were brought over for Fall 2019 were the brand's iconic patent lace-up boot and signature monogram, which is now taking its most classic form on fuzzy slippers and outerwear. Aside from that, Coach has gone punk — Stuart Vevers sent dark skater pants with chains down the runway.

Plaid board shorts peeked out from under chiffon flutter dresses, and even though those ruffles were ladylike, the darker prints and luxe velvet had an edgy feel. We should mention those Mary-Jane heels, which, when admired alone, could pass for girlie. But styled with a ribbed beanie and oversize jacket, the Coach girl is walking to a brand-new beat. Even the two-toned furry coats had bright neon zipper tags that made them street style cool. And forget your grandma's cardigan — who's wearing fuzzy wool when you can be in pink leather?