I Could Watch Diane Keaton Model Her Extensive Hat Collection All Damn Day

Diane Keaton's Instagram is practically a treasure trove of wholesome content, and her latest video is quite the gem to behold. On Tuesday, the actress and fashion icon shared an Instagram video dedicated to showcasing her extensive hat collection, all filmed inside her gorgeous, farmhouse-style home. Wearing a long-sleeved, Wednesday-Addams-but-make-it-chic dress and standing in front of a curious array of hanging wooden pizza boards, Diane began the clip by explaining how hats can help hide your hair "in these times of trouble" when hairstylists aren't as accessible.

She then walked over to a sizable table and casually said, "Well, here are a few of my hats," while motioning toward 12 of 'em, all lined up in rows and organized by color. "As you can see, I have a problem; I'm addicted," she added before picking up the one closest to her: a brown hat with a downward-sloping brim. While positioning it on her head, she explained, "Just in case you feel like your hair is hideous . . . you can do this, and that's gonna cover a lot of problems with your hair." I mean, a style maven and beauty connoisseur all wrapped in one? We truly do not deserve her.

Next up, Diane moved onto her row of subtly different black hats. The first was a wide-brimmed design she joked will "highlight the hideous face," the second was a rather tall option that "nobody would invite [her] to go anywhere" in, and the third was a bowler hat she described as a "classic and harmless" staple. The funny commentary didn't stop there, though. Diane went on to scoop up an "airy and breezy and summer-esque" hat that, when worn, could double as an aphrodisiac. "Sometimes when your husband comes in, you might want to surprise him with a hat. Maybe he likes you like that. You could kiss a little, and maybe take it a little further. Hats are worth it!" she quipped. OK, Diane — I see you!

"A friendly hat and a friendly face makes the day."

Diane ended her three-and-a-half-minute video by sharing some words of wisdom about the healing power of hats while trying on three more for the camera. "Are you getting bored with the hats? I hope not," she said with a sigh. (Bored? Girl, never — please keep serving me this #hatcontent until the end of time.) "They're gonna change your life," she added. "You need to spend more money on hats because now, at this time of such sadness and worry, a friendly hat and a friendly face makes the day." In this case, it makes the whole damn week.