This Surprisingly Chic Shoe Line Is Inspired by Your Favorite Disney Villains

Say what you want about Disney villains, but let's admit it: bad guys always dress better. The evil queen from Snow White has killer collar game, Maleficent knows the power of statement headwear, and who can forget the enviable wardrobe of Disney's ultimate fashion icon, Cruella De Vil? (Minus the puppies, of course.) So it makes sense that, eventually, a designer would allow the baddest b*tches in the Disney game to serve as inspiration for a line — and luckily for us, that's exactly what happened with this collection of affordable shoes.

Taiwanese fashion retailer GraceGift has a rad assortment of styles inspired by various Disney villains, including Ursula and the Red Queen. Whether you want slides, mules, or block heels, there is a villainous shoe for you in the collection (which ranges from $30 to $51 plus international shipping). Check out our editor's picks to see the best from the lineup.