Model Stefania Ferrario Will Convince You to #DropthePlus Forever

Instagram | stefania_model

"I am a model," writes Stefania Ferrario, and with these four simple words, she's out to start a revolution. Plus-size is a term that has been used to describe models usually above a size 10-14, but Stefania is working to abolish the term. The Australian native and star of Dita Von Teese's latest lingerie campaign is helping to spearhead the #droptheplus movement, which works to remove the labels "plus" and "plus-size" from the fashion industry and media while encouraging retailers to be more inclusive in their design and size range.

Stefania's size 8 may be considered plus-size by industry standards, but in reality many "plus-size" models are actually smaller than the average woman. Instead of alienating women about their uniquely beautiful bodies, Stefania and #droptheplus aim to empower women to love themselves and promote healthy body image. "A young woman looking at a photo of a perfectly healthy woman with the caption "plus size model" below it, is in danger of believing that her own body is bigger than it should be and not normal," the site states. And the inspiring message has gone viral as women share their own photos and stories using the hashtag.

Earlier this year the movement came out in support of Lane Bryant's #ImNoAngel campaign, which featured models of all shapes and sizes. And agency Model 1, which manages top catwalkers like Coco Rocha and Linda Evangelista, has joined the movement and signed Stefania to its books. But, while the industry is slowing embracing more diversity campaign by campaign, there is clearly still a long way to go.

Read on for more photos of Stefania and her peers whose inspiring message may just change fashion forever.