Guys, You Need to Know About This Under-$100 Premium Denim Brand

POPSUGAR Photography | Benjamin Stone
POPSUGAR Photography | Benjamin Stone

Finding the right pair of jeans is never an easy task. You have to try on a million pairs before finding one that actually fits you, and on top of that, you have to cough up almost $200 for a single pair of jeans — what's the deal with that? Thus, my mission of finding an affordable yet trendy pair of jeans began. After a little digging, I stumbled upon the Los Angeles-based brand DSTLD, which designs premium denim for under $100.

Side note: I actually faced my fears and gave its "Mom Jeans" a try. Despite previously hating how the style looked on my body, I was surprised how well these particular jeans fit. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, I can truly say that the style hugged my curves in all the right places and didn't make me look frumpy or make my butt look flat like other brands had in the past. We spoke with the brand's design director, Paul Roughley, to learn more about why its jeans are so popular.

POPSUGAR: What makes the perfect pair of jeans?
Paul Roughley: Most importantly fit; without a good fit, premium fabrics and washes are redundant.

PS: Is there a particular style of jeans that looks good on every body type?
PR: I don't believe so; that's why it's paramount to have a representation of fits to cover all body types.

PS: Is there a trick to crafting a pair of "Mom Jeans" that are flattering?
PR: There's no magic formula — just attention to detail and quality technique. We start out with a photo or vintage sample of a style. Then, through a series of fittings and exhaustive analysis of proportions, details, wash color, and hand feel, we attain our goal.

PS: What's the ultimate secret for getting the perfect balance/fit in a pair of jeans?
PR: A premium fabric that has good recovery, meaning the fabric will return to its original form even after being stretched out for hours at a time when worn. A superstretch fabric usually has a Lycra T400 fiber in it, which has a permanent, coil-like structure that helps the jean return to its original shape. Our Black Powerstretch denim is a good example of that.

PS: What trends are you looking at this season?
PR: While we don't look at trends, we're inspired by the authentic vintage washes we're seeing everywhere this season, as well as the "Mom" fit.

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