How Dua Lipa Makes a Swimsuit Work in Subzero Temperatures

If anyone can rock a swimsuit year-round, it's Dua Lipa. The singer has quite the impressive swimwear collection, which she continues to flaunt well into the colder months. On Monday, Dua shared a series of snaps from an outdoor getaway with friends, featuring a scroll-stopping snow-bunny outfit, perhaps worn right before a trip to the hot tub.

She wore an adorable white two-piece swimsuit, which included an underwire sweetheart bikini top and cheeky bottoms ruffled in the back, and threw on a pair of oversized moon boots from one of her go-to brands, GCDS. And as if we couldn't admire the look more, upon closer view, the fluffy snow boots even had little Hello Kitty patches. Get a better look at the outfit ahead.