This Instagram Account Is Basically an Interior Monologue of Everything You're Thinking While Watching SATC Reruns

We followed Carrie Bradshaw through every relationship drama, every shoe purchase, and every outfit change, and while Sex and the City has remained a favorite for its bold-faced fashion, even we'll admit, not all of it was good. In fact, some of the style was straight-up questionable. Part of that was thanks to the early 2000s, a decade characterized by kitten heels, lots of asymmetrical cuts, halter tops, and low-slung jeans — but a lot of it was just Carrie and the girls. Costume designer Patricia Field dressed each with lots of personality, and if you've rewatched any — or habitually binge-watch all (guilty!) — episodes, then you know the fashion is as outrageous as any of the storylines from one of Samantha Jones's dates.

The best part is a new Instagram account, Every Outfit on SATC, which seeks to document the good, the bad, and the irksome fashion choices from every episode with a hilarious commentary that puts into words exactly what we were all thinking when Carrie wore a belt over her bare midriff or that time Miranda popped up in the woods in a furry hat. Read on for the highlights every SATC fan will appreciate.