The 3 Types of Flats Every Woman Should Own

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Whether you're a short girl who refuses to wear heels, you're tired of walking in wedges, or you just want to be closer to the ground, you need some flats in your life. But not just one pair. Every fashion girl knows that a shoe closet should be well-rounded, full of easy, walkable styles for all occasions.

As far as we're concerned, there are three times you need to be equipped with perfect flats: when you're headed to the office and want to exude confidence, when you've got a weekend full of errands ahead of you (and perhaps a brunch or two), and when you're in for a long night out (whether you've got a romantic dinner date or you're partying with the girls).

Read on to find the three types of flats that qualify as must haves, and then start making plans. You're about to master comfort and style all at once.