18 Bloggers Who Will Show You What It Truly Means to Dress Like a French Girl

Over the years, the French girl has become synonymous with a frankly quite offensive (and irritating) cliché: tall, slim, and always put together with a touch of red lipstick and perfectly done-but-undone hair. Sure, some women do fall into this specific category, but as POPSUGAR's resident French girl, I can tell you that my home country is, thankfully, way more diverse than what you see on the glossy pages of fancy magazines — and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Truth is, the French girl that brands are trying to sell doesn't exist. We're not all coffee-drinking, cigarette-smoking, sexually liberated women who eat salads at every lunch and shop at Maje. What is regarded as chic in Paris probably won't be in Nice, and what is regarded as stylish in Nice might not be regarded as very classy in Lyon. Oh, and that "je ne sais quoi" everyone's talking about? It's a myth.

So, now that we've established that the French girl portrayed in the media is a mythical creature, it's time you forgot about her. To me, French style is eclectic and diverse, colorful and monochrome, funky and girlie, minimalist and bold. Above all, however, French style is all about feeling good in your own clothes, having fun, and forgetting about the rules. Ahead, take a look at 18 real French fashionistas who'll inspire you to dress on your own terms, whether you like all-black outfits or cute little dresses.

Kenza Sadoun el Glaoui | La Revue de Kenza

Her Instagram: @kenzasmg
Her blog: La Revue de Kenza
What to expect: Sexy and feminine outfits. Kenza will show you easy ways to style the latest trends.

Stéphanie Zwicky | Le Blog de Big Beauty

Her Instagram: @stephaniezwicky
Her blog: Le Blog de Big Beauty
What to expect: Beautifully put-together outfits and incredibly empowering captions.

Adeline Rapon

Her Instagram: @adelinerapon
What to expect: The perfect mix between fashion and art, and beautiful views of Paris.

Emilie Brunette | The Brunette

Her Instagram: @emiliebrunette
Her blog: The Brunette
What to expect: Gorgeous dresses, pretty prints, and a whole lot of red lipstick.

Federica L. | June Sixty Five

Her Instagram: @junesixtyfive
Her blog: June Sixty Five
What to expect: Her own take on Californian style.

Lalaa Misaki

Her Instagram: @lalaamisaki
Her blog: Lalaa Misaki
What to expect: Proof that being incredibly stylish on a tight budget isn't that difficult.

Caroline | The Caroo

Her Instagram: @the_caroo
Her blog: Pardon My Obsession
What to expect: Her glamorous life in Paris, travels, and favorite outfits.

Audrey Lombard

Her Instagram: @audreylombard
Her blog: Audrey Lombard
What to expect: The most perfect #OOTDs and a knitwear collection that'll make you forget all about your bikinis.

Pauline Privez | Pauline Fashion Blog

Her Instagram: @paulineprivez
Her blog: Pauline Fashion Blog
What to expect: Ultrafeminine looks and stunning travel content.

Fatou N'diaye | Black Beauty Bag

Her Instagram: @blackbeautybag
Her blog: Black Beauty Bag
What to expect: Her fashion, beauty, and food favorites.

AnneLaure Mais | Adenorah

Her Instagram: @adenorah
What to expect: A sexy take on your favorite basics.

Clémentine Desseaux | Bonjour Clem

Her Instagram: @bonjourclem
Her blog: Bonjour Clem
What to expect: Gorgeous modeling shots and comfortable yet incredibly stylish outfit ideas.

Marta Cygan | Life of Boheme

Her Instagram: @lifeofboheme
What to expect: A minimalist take on fashion.

Victoria G. | Laugh of Artist

Her Instagram: @laugh_of_artist
Her blog: Laugh of Artist
What to expect: Gorgeous street style shots and lessons on how to wear the baker boy hat.

Gaëlle Prudencio

Her Instagram: @gaelleprudencio
What to expect: A colorful feed with day-to-day outfit inspiration.

Fadela Mecheri

Her Instagram: @fadela
What to expect: Monochrome outfits and insider access to the most beautiful French hotels.