The Unique Way Gigi Hadid Layered Her Bikini Made It Even Sexier, If That's Possible

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Gigi Hadid seemed to take break from bikinigrams for a while, but we're happy to report she's back, and her swimsuit snaps are stunning as always. The 23-year-old model shared a photo on Instagram of her latest sultry bikini, layered over a megacropped t-shirt. All aboard the newest swimsuit styling hack, courtesy of Gigi herself!

The tiny burnt-orange two-piece stood out against the ocean background, which Gigi revealed was her "office" for the weekend. Bikinis and beach views? That's the kind of 9-to-5 anyone can get behind. Ahead, shop similar styles to Gigi's suit and decide if you'll layer yours with a cropped tee too.