This TikToker Uses Fruit to Explain Bra Sister Sizes, and Wow, It All Makes Sense Now

As a bra-wearer for well over a decade, I'm not proud to confess that I'm still very confused by bras. I already know I've been wearing them wrong my whole life (and have yet to correct my ways) and I admittedly just purchase the same bras over and over again, even if they're not the most comfortable. Turns out, I'm not the only one — TikTok user @madisonanneh's bra explainer videos have gone viral on the platform because they enlighten people on their everyday undergarments. In one genius video posted on Tuesday, Madison broke down sister sizing, explaining the difference between band and cup sizes while using a very helpful visual: fruits.

Yep, Madison used a lemon, lime, and apples to demonstrate exactly how sister sizing works, and how you can use it to find the perfect bra to fit your unique breast shape. "As the band size is increasing, the cup is getting bigger," she said simply. If your 34D bra feels a little too big in the band, you might be inclined to swap it for a 32D. But Madison explained that actually, the cups for those two sizes are totally different — it's like comparing an apple and a lemon. You'd instead want to find a sister size that holds the same amount of volume as your 34D, which would be 36C or 32DD/E. "You can't be trying to fit apples in bras made for lemons," she said.

Watch Madison's descriptive TikTok above, and if you're still confused and need a little more context, check out this chart on the different sister size families to figure out what bra might fit you best.