Someone's Clearly Listening to Our Fashion Prayers

The piece: Gold Philosophy Small Layered Pearl Ring

The price: $140

Why we want it: Some women are earring fiends, and others can't stop layering necklaces. But me? I'm all about rings. Whether chunky cocktail stunners or dainty, thin pieces you hardly even notice, it's the one accessory I wouldn't want to give up. As such, I'm always looking at celebrity fingers in glossy magazine spreads, and when I came across one of the images of Lena Dunham in Glamour's April issue, I was stopped in my tracks. After casually wondering whether it'd be easy to find a ring that mixed pearls and diamonds (and deciding it would probably be basically impossible), I was staring at one that did! Excitement was followed by a wave of panicked fear that said ring would likely be bespoke and equal to at least half of my annual salary. You can imagine my joy when I tracked it down online and found that, hurrah, it was costume and totally not over-the-top expensive. Who says dreams don't come true?