Have You Seen Hailey's Bubbly Bieber Necklace? OK Good, Just Making Sure

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Listen, I can relate to Hailey Baldwin. I've started to wear both my boyfriend and my cat's initials around my neck every day. But Hailey has one-upped me, because her nameplate "Bieber" necklace, which she received in late November 2018, is bubbly and standout. It's bold. It's like wearing your SO's varsity jacket in high school, so everyone knows you're one less lonely girl. Plus, the font kind of reminds me of the Limited Too logo.

Just in case you missed Hailey's prized possession when she stepped out in Malibu, CA, she made sure each of her accessories accented the personalized piece. From her '80s-style rectangle drop earrings down to her crystal anklet ALEVì Milano sandals, Hailey was playing up that Bieber bling big time. Of course, her megawatt engagement ring helped with the task at hand.

If you do find yourself in a situation like me or like Hailey, where you're not afraid to be corny about your love, I highly suggest you go Hailey's route and shine, baby shine. I'm kicking myself, as I shop for her stylish jewels.