Whoa — Hailey Baldwin's Wedding Dress Has More Quirky Details Than We Thought

Hailey Baldwin just blessed us with an up-close look at every dreamy detail of her wedding dress, and holy smokes, it's even more gorgeous than we originally thought! In a new video shared by Vogue, the model attends her final fitting in Los Angeles before exchanging "I dos" with Justin Bieber for the second time. Off-White CEO Virgil Abloh, who created the stunning gown, kicks off the video by explaining what inspired his unique design choices. "What I think is most important for her on this day is showcasing the woman that she is," he says. "I've known Justin for a couple years as well too, and I wanted to make something that made him look in Hailey's eyes and see that she's the most beautiful woman for him." Aww! *swoons*

As soon as Hailey catches a glimpse of herself in the lace gown — which took a team of 10 people to make, BTW — the biggest grin spreads across her face. She then gives viewers a zoomed-in look at some of the one-of-a-kind design elements. In addition to traditional floral embellishments, the dress also features pearls arranged in the shape of Off-White's criss-crossed logo to subtly incorporate her signature street style edge. Plus, at the apex of the gown's low-cut back is the phrase "Wedding Dress" stitched in teeny-tiny pearls. The final touch? Her crazy-long veil that reads "Till Death Do Us Part" at the very end. I mean, coolest bride ever?!

Ahead, watch footage from Hailey's final wedding dress fitting, and then keep reading to admire every stunning detail of the Off-White number.

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Watch Hailey Baldwin's Final Wedding Dress Fitting

See Photos of Hailey Baldwin's Wedding Dress

See Photos of Hailey Baldwin's Wedding Dress