If Your Favorite Pretty Little Liar Had a Fashion Blog, It'd Look Something Like This

Seven seasons in and we've reached a conclusion: all the ladies of Pretty Little Liars have a stellar sense of style, and we'll miss their outfits quite terribly once the show's over for good. Yet while Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer won't always be around to inspire tomorrow's look, a handful of fashion bloggers share similar tastes — and those women will keep their posts coming long after the series ends.

So which style stars should you follow based on your favorite little liar? Scroll through to find out. Then check out the fashion-focused lessons we've learned from the show.

Spencer Hastings

Spencer Hastings

Spencer's style has always been preppy-meets-trendy — even after the five-year jump, she can still be spotted in a variety of shirt dresses, cardigans, blazers, and boots. Follow ladies who stick to polished and pulled-together outfits, yet throw in fun, unexpected twists like scarves, drop necklaces, and even caped jackets.

Sarah Vickers

Mary Orton

Ashley Robertson

Kendi Skeen

Daphné Moreau

Aria Montgomery

Aria Montgomery

Aria is one of those women who embraces "quirky," mixing pieces you'd never think to pair together and adding bold, statement-making jewels. The ladies who share her unique sense of fashion don't shy away from color or loud prints, inspiring outfits that will stand out in any crowd.

Courtney Quinn

Ella Catliff

Nicole Warne

Blair Eadie

Jane Aldridge

Hanna Marin

Hanna Marin

If Hanna was a real person, she'd no doubt have blog of her own: this girl loves following current trends. She's always down to try new "in" (and often feminine) styles, from lacy flutter-sleeve tops to leather skirts, and even dares to wear a little sparkle on occasion.

Annabelle Fleur

Shai Chung

Brittany Xavier

Kayla Seah

Aimee Song

Emily Fields

Emily Fields

Emily's that girl who possibly pulls together outfits at the very last minute, yet always manages look flawless. Her closet — much like the ones that belong to these bloggers — is jam-packed with easy, breezy staples from jumpsuits to jeans to solid tees, ready to create a cozy-cute look you'll want to live in.

Julie Sariñana

Mirjam Flatau

Pepa Mack

Christina Caradona

Sara Escudero