If You've Dreamed About Being on Say Yes to the Dress, Here's What to Know Before You Apply

There have been a handful of weekends where we've grabbed ourselves a snack, curled up on the couch, and tuned in for an episode or five of Say Yes to the Dress. Between the brides (demanding, lax, or otherwise), the guests (wait — who's getting married here?!), and all those gorgeous gowns (so many requests for pockets), the reality show is strangely addicting. But have you ever wondered how it's cast?

Rather than simply asking shoppers and brides to partipate, there's an application you fill out beforehand, ensuring only the most entertaining ladies are cast. And in the midst of the usual Qs — name, age, and occupation — there are quite a few difficult ones. So what should you be able to answer before clicking submit? Read on to find out.

You Must . . .

  • Have Money to Spend
  • An italicized paragraph clearly states that the bride won't be compensated for any travels, lodging, or gown(s). So if you're looking for a show that'll foot the bill, you'll want to skip out on this one.

  • Submit a Photo
  • You won't be considered otherwise. It should be "less than 400k in size and .jpg format."

  • Have at Least Some of Your Wedding Already Planned
  • You must have your date (which should fall between now and 2019), the ceremony location, and the reception location on hand. And while there's zero requirement to purchase a gown, you should be serious about your search. It's totally not the time to try on dresses "just 'cuz."

  • Reveal Whether or Not You're Plus Size
  • Everyone will have to list their dress size, but there's a special section clarifying whether your body type is considered "plus size." You'll also have to answer a follow-up stating how you feel about "the plus size selection."

  • Know Who Will Be Paying For Your Gown
  • The options are yourself, parent(s), a relative, your fiancé, or a friend. Sorry, "kind stranger."

  • Be Able to Summarize Your Signature Style
  • You'll have to limit the description to three words, and something tells us that "cute, fashionable, and stylish" won't cut it. Time to get creative!

  • Limit Your Guests to 3 People
  • We know we've seen larger groups on the show, but apparently, you're only allowed to bring three — and you'll have to add a bit about their personalities. The application also asks if your fiancé will be in attendance.

  • Have an Interesting and Compelling Fact About Yourself
  • Whether it's that you're a competitive eater or can do a headstand, the goal here is to surprise or make "viewers say 'cool.'"

  • Have Some Idea of What You're Looking For
  • Do you have a specific style you love? How about a designer? What's your budget? The more details the better!

  • Be OK With Having a Background Check
  • While the OG version of this show doesn't mention one, SYTTD: Atlanta does. And if you've committed a crime, you'll have to explain it!

  • Really Be Able to Sell Yourself
  • One of the hardest questions on the application? "Why do you think you would be fun to watch on TV?" Umm . . . can we get back to you?