How to Get Deodorant Stains Off Clothes

Summer is upon us, which means longer days and scorching temperatures. From a wardrobe perspective, it's finally time to break out the denim shorts, platform sandals, bright colors, new swimsuits, and all of the most stylish fashion essentials for the long-awaited warm weather. Unfortunately, summer also means sweat, which calls for more protection from your antiperspirant. And while it comes in handy, it can soil your garments, leaving you wondering how to get rid of deodorant stains.

To be sure, we must thank the scent gods above for the existence of deodorant. As someone who sweats excessively, the summer humidity only heightens my need for such beauty finds. (If this happens to you, too, please know that you are not alone and I am right alongside you — and I'd offer to hold your hand, but mine's sweaty.) So, needless to say, I've experienced the dilemma of how to get deodorant stains off of clothes more than most.

Whether you're trying to get stains out of black shirts, T-shirts, or even tank tops, I have some easy solutions for you. Once you know the key to getting stains out of your clothes, you'll be ready to have your literal hot girl summer, stain-free. Read the tips ahead to learn how to get deodorant stains off of your shirts and clothing.

How to Get Rid of Deodorant Stains
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How to Get Rid of Deodorant Stains

If you have a light deodorant stain that's pretty minimal, or you're in a rush and trying to head out the door as soon as possible, I have a quick and easy fix. All you need is some pantyhose or knee-high tights.

You'll want to take the piece of clothing and lay it on a flat surface. Pull the pantyhose tight in your hands, and rub it briskly against the stain. It doesn't have to be a heavy rub, just make sure that it's a brisk motion, with a flick of your wrist. Continue to do this until the stain is gone. This should be able to get out the lighter stains and is extra helpful when you're on the go.

In order to get rid of larger, tougher deodorant stains, you'll basically want to "flush" the stain out of the clothing. This looks like flipping your shirt inside out and running cold water right against the mark. You can use your fingers or grab extra pieces of fabric and rub it against each other in order to really get rid of all of the deodorant residue. Then, mix baking soda with room-temperature water until it forms a thick paste-like consistency. You'll want to use a spoon to apply the paste directly on the stain and allow it to soak for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off with hot water.

How to Get Deodorant Stains Out of Black Shirts
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How to Get Deodorant Stains Out of Black Shirts

Black shirts, and other articles of clothing, are particularly tricky when it comes to deodorant stains, as the white marks are even more conspicuous against the stark black coloring. You'll want to start with the same steps as the previous slide, and turn the shirt inside out and try to rub out most of the markings with cold water.

Once you're finished, instead of making a solution of water and baking soda, you'll want to mix water with white vinegar. Use one cup of water and two to three tablespoons of white vinegar. Let the mixture soak into the stain for about one hour, then take a clean toothbrush to scrub off the rest of the deodorant. Once this is done, throw the shirt in the washer and dryer, and the white markings should be gone.