8 Bloggers Taught Me How to Pose For Pictures Like a Model, and It's Really Not That Hard

I'm going to be completely honest, my selfie game is not so strong. As soon as I get in front of the camera when I'm working with a photographer, forget it. I instantly freeze and my body becomes timid, just like my beagle Dylan's when he hears a burst of thunder during a storm. You might not be able to see me tensing up if you're an onlooker, but it eventually becomes obvious through my lack of inventive poses and my tendency to make conversation with whoever is off to the side. "Make me laugh or something!" I shout. That usually works for one shot, but what to do next?!

When H&M invited me on a press trip to Scribner's Catskill Lodge to check out the new Fall 2018 Studio Collection, I was stoked. Then I saw the itinerary. Aside from actually being able to explore the new line, touch the clothes, try them on, and learn about the inspiration behind them — Studio was influenced by David Lynch's Twin Peaks this season — we were going to be the subject of two photo shoots. I think I started to sweat as soon as I read over the agenda. But that sweat had nothing on what was sure to pour down my face once I actually became the subject with a lens pointed at me.

As it turned out, I was headed to the mountains with eight influencers who have quite the handle on modeling clothes. As I watched them work with photographers Cam Kirk and Kim Geronimo aka The Street Sensei, I was blown away by their grace and ability to float from one stance to the next, flaunting a slit here and fiddling with a shoelace there. When it was my turn, I felt like I had a few new ideas up my sleeve thanks to the diverse group of women you're about to meet ahead.

Scroll to see which poses I learned that I know will stick with me as I carry on in my fashion career and inevitably end up in front of the camera once again. Whether you're just getting your feet wet or you're an experienced blogger, you might pick up a tip or two as well. Not everyone may be able to pull off a shoot with as much prowess as these ladies, but their tricks are way more worth your while than a good old "make me laugh, would ya?" Trust me, I would know.


Prop Your Arm Up and Lean on It

This might seem like an obvious one, but I ended up taking some of my best shots this way because your body relaxes when you're taking a pose that feels natural, or one that you're used to.


Casually Drape Your Arms Between Your Legs to Show Off a Cool Pair of Pants

This ended up being my favorite pose to utilize — seriously! I thought it made me look cool without trying too hard.


Purposefully Show Off an Earring or Jewelry

Sweep aside your hair or the neckline of your blouse to draw attention to the focal point.


Master the Casual, Premeal Shot

"Yes, I'm about to eat everything on this plate, and I know it looks good. Want some? Too Bad."


Busy Yourself With Your Bag

Take things out, put things in. Open it, then close it. Act like you're searching for your keys. They better be there . . .


Sit on the Edge of Your Seat and Post Up, Stretching Out One Leg Further Than the Other

This elongates the look of your legs instantly, and also shows off a cool pair of shoes.


Utilize Your Pockets

But casually — don't stand there looking head on at the camera with both hands in your pockets. Instead, think about how you might slip a hand into your jeans if your fingers got cold in frigid weather, perhaps.



Don't be shy. Even if you don't know your photographer, he/she is used to subjects purposefully letting out a howl or giggle. It's a go-to pose for almost everyone.


Lightly Clasp Your Hands in Front of Your Body

This works especially well if you want to show off your shoulders. An '80s-inspired minidress is just begging for this pose, seriously.


Do the Bag Swing

Get your bag in on the action by swaying from side to side and twirling it in front of your body a few times. You might nail the perfect action shot that doesn't look too timid.


Stretch Like You Do When You Wake Up in the Morning

Fully embrace this look by kicking off your slippers or slides, and leaning into the "I've come undone" pose.


Lean Forward Like Something Just Caught Your Attention

You were caught off guard, and you don't really care about showing off your outfit at the moment. You're . . . busy.


Be Playful

Blow a kiss! Especially if your outfit is cute and quirky and fits the bill.


Peer Over Your Sunglasses

Nope, you won't look like you're "trying too hard" or "exaggerating it." If you're wearing cool shades, you'll want to draw attention to them anyway.


Think "I'm So Over It"

If you were "so over it," how would you convey that with your body language? Just get into the mood.


Find a Prop in Nature

Near some flowers? Pick them up and smell them. On the beach? Throw some sand in the air or sprinkle it on your legs or the towel in front of you. Look around you for help when you don't know what to do next.


If You're a Hat Girl, Show It

Run your hand along the edge of your hat. You can even use two hands if you feel like it.


Is Your Outfit Bodyconcious? There's Only One Way to Make That Obvious

Gently frame your hips with both arms and give into the natural shape of your body.


Act Distracted

Think of how you'd look if you were either hailing a cab or calling out to a friend down the street. Make your way to the edge of the curb and do so!


Let Your Hair Get in the Way

Shake your head from side to side and let your hair get in the way. Then, slowly brush it back behind your ear in one fluid motion. The photographer will capture you at just the right moment.


Walk Forward, but Look Back at It

This pose was particularly hard for me to master at first, and it might take a few tries. Set yourself in a spot where you've got a long road in front of you and start by walking forward. Then, start to look back at the camera every so often. Then turn around and try again.


Lounge Like You Would at Home

If you're near a couch or chair, don't think. Pretend there are no cameras on you, just run over to it and sit on it like you would if you were home, about to curl up with a good book.


Twirl a Slitted Dress Around and Around

Don't worry about people thinking you look funny if you're in a crowded spot. Just firmly plant both feet on the ground and move your hips back and forth looking forward at the camera. Try a serious face, then try a smile.


Walk Toward the Camera With a Purpose

Walk directly at the mastermind behind the lens like you're going to trample him/her over. It'll be sort of funny when you're on set, but it could make for a great shot in the end.