22 Ring-Styling Ideas For Maximizing the Look Of Your Jewelry

Courtesy of Frasier Sterling
Courtesy of Frasier Sterling
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Whether you're a minimalist who prefers delicate, thin bands or a maximalist who likes chunky '90s-and-Y2K-inspired baubles, figuring out how to wear multiple rings on the same hand takes some thoughtful consideration. If you're sporting an engagement ring, you also have to think about incorporating that standout piece into your stack. In keeping with the year's most prominent jewelry trends — toi et moi silhouettes, chainlink details, mixed metals, multicolor stones, and personalized signets — jewelers have some ideas for assembling an impeccably curated, Instagram-worthy hand of rings.

Ahead, we've gathered ring-styling tips from luxury brands like Mateo New York, Stephanie Gottlieb, Jacquie Aiche, Jennifer Meyer, and Logan Hollowell, as well as playful, kitschy, and more affordable labels like Arms of Eve, SiiZU, Blobb, Frasier Sterling, and July Child. Whether you want to highlight a single colorful gemstone; stack your delicate gold jewelry pieces; incorporate a theme, such as flowers or butterflies; or coordinate your rings with any other accessories (like gloves, bracelets, and necklaces), there are plenty of tricks to consider for how to wear rings with any ensemble.

Keep reading for 22 tips for mastering the basics, courtesy of jewelry founders and accessory game changers you might not have been familiar with. These designers have all shared a few of their bestselling rings, so you can purchase a new piece or two. Scroll to get expert advice on how to style rings new and old, and get started on your journey of embracing this season's most elevated accessories.

— Additional reporting by Kyley Warren


Match Your Necklaces

Frasier Sterling F You Ring ($30)

Frasier Sterling, founded in LA in 2011 by Frasier Lipton, has a bestselling F You Ring that is a kitschy addition to any ring stack. Lipton loves the idea of ring-styling, especially when it involves coordinating a stack of rings to match with layered necklaces — bringing your jewelry-look full circle. The brand has grown in popularity over recent years, developing a fan base that includes celebrities like Justin Bieber and Bella Hadid, along with POPSUGAR editors. Read our review of Frasier Sterling jewelry to see why we love this Y2K-inspired label.


Start With Two Statement Rings

Nyrelle Slim Signet Ring ($175)

Founded by Henry Tse and designed by Pauline Revet, Nyrelle underwent a rebrand in 2022 and offers unparalleled stacking rings. Creative producer and stylist Rosemary Ling offers a go-to tip for how to wear rings from the brand: start with two big, chunky statement rings that really stand out, then complement those pieces with a few thinner, daintier stacks to tie everything together. One of Nyrelle's top-selling rings is its Slim Signet Ring, which is available for engravings.


Stack Unevenly

Adornmonde Tray Triple Knot Ring ($86)

Niki Allworth started the budget-friendly jewelry label Adornmonde in 2014. As far as how to style rings from the brand, she suggests experimenting with statements and subtle shapes, all pared down to one pure metal piece that ties your look together. "Stack unevenly, and not on all fingers. . . . Oh, and don't forget your pinky finger," she told POPSUGAR. The Tray Triple Knot Ring, styled above, is one of many bestsellers on the site.


Start With a Go-To Delicate Piece

Siizu Eternity CZ Ring ($27, originally $42)

Sustainable fashion brand Siizu, founded by Kay Wen in 2016 and designed by Hiroko Harada, suggests its Eternity CZ Ring as a great jumping-off point — especially if you're attempting to embrace some new ring-styling techniques. It's simple and can be worn with many other pieces, so it should be the foundation of every stack.


Make a Statement With a Middle-Finger Ring

Stephanie Gottlieb Pave Stack Bands ($670) and Stephanie Gottlieb Jumbo Pave Heart ($1,650)

Stephanie Gottlieb, who established her fine-jewelry line and bridal-concierge service in 2013, is well known for her Pave Stack Bands, which are the top-selling pieces on her site. In terms of figuring out how to wear multiple rings, Gottlieb recommends starting with a statement bauble on the middle finger, like her Jumbo Pave Heart, and then stacking thin rainbow bands on the pointer to complement the look. She also always wears one pave stack band on her pinky for an added touch of sparkle.


Add a Colorful Pinky Ring

Eriness Ruby Signet ($1,250)

Erin Sachse of Eriness, founded in 2015, always loves the addition of a pinky ring at the end, and the label's Ruby Signet is a bestseller. For maximizing your ring-styling strategy, Sachse recommends stacking not only different color gemstones, but different shapes and sizes to give the stack unexpected dimension.


Mix Metals and Proportions

Notte Mini Superbloom Ring ($79)

Jessica Tse, designer and founder of Notte — which was established in 2019 — loves to play with different colors and proportions to create a fun, tactile multiring stack; and also loves educating consumers about how to wear multiple rings. The brand's Mini Superbloom Ring is one of its top sellers and works as a mood-boosting statement piece.


More Is More

BonbonWhims Ling Bling Rings ($126)

BonbonWhims, founded by Clare Ngai in 2020, is known for its chunky ring stacks and was started on the idea that more is more. Ngai suggests layering different colored enamel pieces, like the bestselling Ling Bling Rings, to create a bold, statement look that will stand out. When it comes to perfecting your ring-styling strategy, don't knock the thumb ring, either — add one to help achieve a carefree, lighthearted look.


Choose Compelling Shapes

Vici Signet Ring ($2,750)

Paris-born, Chicago-based jeweler Catherine Sarr started Almasika in 2014 to celebrate the symbols, stories, and forms that unite people across cultures and generations through fine jewelry. Sarr believes that any ring stack should be meaningful, suggesting layering pieces that are compelling in shape but also speak to the wearer's personal story. If you want to figure out how to style multiple rings at once, the brand's Vici Signet Ring is a great centerpiece to start with — and it's also a bestseller that depicts a sculptural collection of ancient symbols that represent traditional wisdom.


Find a Power Symbol

Jacque Aiche Pave Diamond Rainbow Sapphire Spike Spinner Ring ($6,500)

Celebrity-loved jewelry brand Jacquie Aiche — worn by the likes of Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber — is handmade in LA and aims to make wearers feel powerful through its unique shapes. As a ring-styling tip, Aiche suggests starting with your power symbol (perhaps a butterfly?) and then decorating around that piece with colorful gemstones. Take her Pave Diamond Rainbow Sapphire Ring for example, which has long been a bestseller.


Style Multiple Rings of the Same Theme

July Child Daisy Moo Ring ($52, originally $103)

British brand July Child churns out '90s-inspired trippy, colorful, premium jewelry from designer and founder Sinead Flood. Crystals and CZ stones are set into sterling silver and 18k gold vermeil to give off the look of pieces dripping in glitter. Flood suggests creating a narrative with your rings by setting a theme — for example, all florals, which you can achieve with the addition of the bestselling Daisy Moo ring.


Choose a Gemstone For an Index-Finger Ring

Logan Hollowell French Pavé Diamond Tusk Ring ($3,200)

Logan Hollowell has been crafting her rings in LA since 2016 from recycled 14k and 18k gold, ethically sourced gemstones, and conflict-free diamonds. Hollowell believes that each stone's beauty bears significant intuition and feeling, so it should be the start of your look. As far as figuring out how to wear multiple rings, from there you can simply complete with simple diamond and gold bands, like the bestselling French Pavé Diamond Tusk Ring, that sit comfortably stacked. Various shapes can be used to create dimension and diversity.


Add Texture

Arms of Eve Eros Gold Textured Ring ($47)

Founded in 2019 by Kerryn and Aaron Langer, Arms of Eve is known for its stacking and spacing rings, many of which have a crushed gold texture. The bestselling Eros Gold Textured Ring is fully adjustable, and is designed to complement pearls or gemstones nicely.


Balance Out Color With Metal

Crystal Haze Lady Boss Ring ($128)

Crystal Haze, started by Ophelia Alickaj and Sara Vlatkovic in 2017, takes a maximalist approach to jewelry. While overstyling is part of the DNA, the team recommends settling on less color in order to orchestrate a look with more pieces. This way, each ring gets the clear attention it deserves. The Lady Boss Ring is one of the brand's bestselling pieces, dreamed up as a play on the infamous men's pinky ring that used to be an indication of status and wealth.


Think Regal

Hey Maeve Heiress Ring ($62, originally $69)

Founder Alicia Sandve reports that one of HeyMaeve's bestseller is the Heiress Ring, which comes complete with a row of mirror-like stones in 18k gold-plated stainless steel. In terms of maximizing on the ring-styling potential of this piece, its best paired with "bling rings" that'll provide extra oomph to create the striking look of royalty.


Tie Them All Together With 1 Piece

Yi Collection Rainbow Chain Ring ($625)

Yi Collection's Yi Guo prefers to mix fun, colorful gems together in unexpected ways, but then tie them all together with one multicolored piece, like the brand's Rainbow Chain Ring.


Layer Signet Rings

Foe & Dear Signet Rings ($411)

If you're looking for extra fashion inspiration on how to style rings, Katherine Schlattman, who founded Foe & Dear in 2009, recommends layering signet rings for an everyday look. Each of the brand's made-to-order Foe & Dear Signet Rings are made with the environment in mind from recycled gold and silver.


Go Wild

Blobb Baby Pink Bling Ring ($80)

Sofia Elias started Blobb out of Mexico City in 2018 when she was still in school. Now, her recognizable pieces have gone viral, worn by the likes of Dua Lipa. The playful pieces are made from resin and hand-sculpted by Elias, who finishes them with perfectly cut gems that she inserts into the center. When it comes to ring-styling these chunky pieces, she recommends stacking a handful on each hand, no matter the occasion. The Baby Pink Bling Ring is one of the brand's bestsellers. Style these colorful pieces with denim and a white tee, so they can really shine.


Make It Personal

Senia New York Chain Rings ($260) | Senia New York Roman Numeral Ring ($160) | Senia New York Halo Ring ($315)

Sister duo Christina and Gina founded Senia New York in 2020, and they believe that in terms of how to wear multiple rings effectively, any ring stack should represent your personal story. Their bestselling Chain RIngs are great for teaming up with their Roman Numeral Rings or Halo Ring, which commemorate special numbers and dates.


Style Them Over Gloves

Dolly Baby New York Kiwi Ring ($75)

Fashion photographer Dolly Faibyshev came up with the idea for these glittery baubles while sitting in her apartment at the start of the pandemic in 2020. The side project was created to inspire people of all ages, sizes, and genders to have fun with their outfits — which is exactly why she recommends ring-styling as a means to draw attention to the hands. The pearlescent green Kiwi Ring is currently one of its bestselling colorways.


Hone in on a Piece That Pops

Jennifer Meyer Extra Small Opal Inlay Heart Ring ($325)

Jennifer Meyer's jewelry is classic, but when it comes to figuring out how to wear multiple rings, the jeweler recommends settling on one standout pop as the focal point of your look no matter what the more delicate stacks on your other fingers bring. You can even achieve this with daintier rings if you're more of a minimalist, settling on the label's Extra Small Opal Inlay Heart Ring.


Invest in a Trio

Kate and Mimi Diamond Bubble Ring ($9,800)

AAPI-founded label Kate and Mimi was started in 2021 by friends and collaborators Katty Lau and Mimi Lau. Their jewels are meant to be investment heirloom pieces that can be passed down to future generations. For that reason, they recommend taking a "collect them all" approach to ring-styling and stacking the same ring in different tones — in this case, it's their bestselling Diamond Bubble Ring, available in white, yellow, and rose gold, which was created to mimic the organic flow of both Champagne bubbles and actual bubbles.