The Unexpected Color Combo You're About to See Everywhere This Fall

This season's unexpected color combo award goes to — drumroll, please — pink and burgundy. The similarly hued palettes are just striking enough when worn together to ensure you'll turn heads everywhere you go, but the play between the lighter pink and darker burgundy provides quite the grounding contrast. While seasons past might have called for color combinations that seemed more jarring, like fuchsia and red, yellow and neon green, or purple and turquoise, a switch to pink and burgundy brings with it an air of more sophistication than we're used to when it comes to color.

Ahead, find nine ways we're wearing burgundy and pink this season and looks we are shopping for this Fall.

Getty | Matthew Sperzel

Go for a look that's equal parts flowy and tailored by choosing a dress with airy volume topped with a more sophistocated blazer to finish it off.

Getty | Christian Vierig

With a slim-fit crewneck sweater and silk midi skirt, you're ready for whatever the day (and night!) might throw at you.

Getty | Kirstin Sinclair

Totally commit to the color combo by opting for a look that's printed with the duo from head to toe.

Getty | Edward Berthelot

Create more of a contrast with your colors by wearing a dress in the darkest shade of burgundy, topped with a more fluorescent shade of pink on top.

Getty | Melodie Jeng

If you are more color-averse but want to try your hand, pair a muted tone of burgundy with a paler pink for an understated look.

Getty | Edward Berthelot

If your look is particularly pink, ground it a little with a tailored coat in a deep shade of burgundy.

Getty | Christian Vierig

While your pale pink blazer might be the perfect pairing with your favorite blue jeans, we love it equally when styled with a burgundy ankle-length skirt.

Getty | Claudio Lavenia

This Fall, try the color combo with a simple turtleneck-and-trousers outfit, channeling the likes of Jackie Kennedy's iconic style.