Welp, It's Happened: The Tiny Bag Trend Has Officially Gone Too Far

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When it comes to how much shoppers will pay for the latest trendy handbag, Jacquemus is attempting to prove that size doesn't matter. During its Fall 2019 show at Paris Fashion Week, the brand of the moment — previously responsible for the overgrown hat that nearly defined the Summer — debuted its Le Chiquito purse, which really only has enough room for a single penny or stick of gum. It's being sold for $522.

The tiny bag trend really hit its stride last year after the long-simmering demise of the carryall bags largely popularized by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in the '00s. Gigi Hadid is a fan of the trend and even once brought a Brandon Maxwell bag about the size of a credit card to The Tonight Show. Kendall Jenner has also carried Jacquemus's slightly larger Le Sac Chiquito on a number of occasions. Guess that one wasn't chiquito enough!

The invitation for the Fall 2019 show actually came in the aforementioned penny purse, which guests likely assumed was a cheeky gimmick, as opposed to a forthcoming product. At the show, there it was, carefully being carried around by models under the bend of their index fingers. In no time, we'll see influencers and celebrities alike sporting Le Chiquito . . . at which point it will likely acquire a waiting list.

The Jacquemus Fall 2019 Invitation

The "Bag" at the Jacquemus Fall 2019 Show

The "Bag" at the Jacquemus Fall 2019 Show