Jane Birkin Posing in a Tuxedo For Saint Laurent Is Beyond Iconic

Jane Birkin didn't need to stand up to show off every angle of her Le Smoking Saint Laurent tux. Even in black and white, the 69-year-old actress and model is beaming with color, confirming the staying power of such an iconic look. Jane has been a fashion mainstay for years, so it's only natural that she's taking on the role of campaign star for the French brand.

Photographed by designer Hedi Slimane in the Yves Saint Laurent Couture house in Paris, the set of images will capture you. They're a reminder that even though Saint Laurent's moving forward with fresh faces (the label featured 18-year-old Dylan Lee in its recent ads), there's a lot of history worth reminiscing about here too. Read on to see Birkin embodying such classic style.