J Lo's Outfit Will Make You Feel Like You Just Walked Into the First Day of Middle School

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Jennifer Lopez welcomed Cardi B to the New York City set of Hustlers in the most appropriate way: wearing Juicy Couture velour sweats and a cropped Guess hoodie ($69) that drew attention to her sculpted abs. If you don't already feel like you're walking into the first day of seventh grade, focus in on J Lo's UGG clogs, and that may spark the nostalgia.

In middle school, I used to feel like I needed a pair of J Lo's velvet track pants to fit in, which is really pretty crazy. What's even crazier is that when my mom accidentally bought me the terry cloth style, I felt like she had totally messed up. How does one item of clothing become so iconic that you can remember the feeling surrounding the whole experience of wearing it 15 to 20 years later?

J Lo, along with the costume designer on Hustlers, obviously recognize that sentiment, because the star's character has been dressed in everything from Juicy tees to white flared jeans with going-out tops for the movie, which is set in the 2000s. While J Lo's complete look is a clear throwback, you can easily find cropped sweatshirts exactly like hers that would look trendy today with a shoulder bag, cargo pants, and a pair of boots. Keep reading to pick up your favorite version.

J Lo Wearing a Cropped Guess Hoodie in New York

J Lo Wearing a Cropped Guess Hoodie in New York

She styled her zip-up with velour Juicy Couture sweats and UGG clogs.