Jennifer Lopez's Infinite, Magical Ball Gown Is the Biggest Dress We've Ever Seen

On the red carpet, Jennifer Lopez likes to show off her toned legs. But watching her performance on American Idol last night, well, we were hard-pressed to even find them. The singer stunned when she emerged in the biggest white princess dress we've ever seen, all to sing "Feel the Light," from the upcoming film Home.

While J Lo's voice was totally on point and her presence as electrifying as ever, we think it had a lot to do with what she was wearing. Just look at how her off-the-shoulder ball gown — custom made by her stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenna and a whopping 20 feet in circumference — spanned the width of the entire stage! But that's not all her design was capable of.

Throughout J Lo's song, mystical starry nights, waves of swirling light, images of outer space, and movie clips were projected onto her dress from top to bottom, leaving us completely transfixed. Read on to watch J Lo's incredible outfit in action, and then see the awe-inspiring gown from every angle below.