Julia Stiles Reacts to Her '90s and '00s Fashion Choices the Way We All Do: "Why?!"

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Hardly anyone was exempt from the fashion growing pains of the '90s and '00s — not even Julia Stiles. The Hustlers actress recently looked back on some of her most memorable red carpet looks during an interview with The Today Show, and she certainly felt the secondhand embarrassment we all do when going through photos of old outfits. "This was a choice," she started off, reacting to a major Mets moment from the 2001 MTV Movie Awards. We've all been there, Julia.

I might remember Julia's early-aught films like 10 Things I Hate About You and Save the Last Dance, fondly, but beneath her own warm fuzzy feelings, she remembers . . . the cargo pants. Who's going to tell her those are actually making a comeback? She also rocked a lot of chokers, which, same. Watch the full video above to see Julia cringe, reminisce, and shed light on a few looks you won't soon forget.