Kate Beckinsale's Romper Is the Opposite of Man-Repelling

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Every time I've tried to convince my fiancé how cool a romper can look, he writes it off as a "onesie," a look for a toddler. I'm betting this picture of Kate Beckinsale will change his mind. This is clearly a romper for adults. Thanks to a pair of hot heels, a sophisticated bag, and movie-star-worthy oversize shades, Kate's look is sexier and way cooler than just about any iteration of the romper we've seen before. It also happens to be a perfect Summer white.

For a complete look at the girl- and guy-approved outfit, keep scrolling — then shop it for yourself.


Kate's sexy formula is still daytime-appropriate, thanks to a stylish balancing act. She keeps covered up on top, but bares her stems and adds a sexy finish with a pair of metallic heels.